Misfits. (totalllyyyyyyy, totally unrelated to my blog)

I read synopsis after seeing everyone on Tumblr go on and on about it, saw that it was about a bunch of kids with superpowers and thought “No way on earth am I ever going to watch this”

But then I watched it (except for the part when they get hit by the magic storm, when I really thought I was going to quit it) and was all like

Then I told my friends to watch it

"What’s it about?"

"A group of kids doing community service who gain superpowers after a storm."

And they were all like:

But then they watched it 

And now we’re all like


And then there’s the awkward moment when one of the group who never watched it says “It sounds like shit”


Happened with every single one of my friends. Every single one. I must have turned like 8 or 9 people so far.

(btw, I was bored out of my mind and this came up whilst talking to friends about Misfits)

oh, and watch me lose followers after this

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  5. paolagallagher said: jajajaja yo también después de ver tantas cosas en tumblr de misfits y de que una amiga me dijera que la viera soy adicta, ahora muero por ver la 3era temporada :(
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